What is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient healing technique through which the practitioner channels life force energy in order to help relieve many different issues on all levels - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The energy is channelled through the crown chakra (top of the head) and exits at the chakras in the palms of the hands. At this point the energy is passed to the client via non invasive touch at different locations around the body. Note: physical touch is not necessary and can be passed by the hovering of the practitioners hands over the areas also. The energy then moves around the clients system locating any imbalances, stagnant energy or blocks and works to resolve these. This means that the outcome of each reiki session is different depending on the needs of each individual person.

The word Reiki comes from the Japanese words 'Rei', meaning Universal Life Force, and 'Ki', meaning Energy. Though historically Reiki is thousands of years old, it was lost to the Earth for a time. It was re-channelled in the 1800's by a Japanese Christian monk, Dr. Mikao Usui. Reiki was brought to the western world by Mrs. Howaya Takata in the 1930's.

Reiki is not a religion or associated with any religious orders nor does it interfere with any religious beliefs or practices. Reiki is an energy based practice and serves only to help heal the body, mind and spirit.

Reiki is a complimentary therapy that can be used in conjunction with any medical treatments without interference.

Reiki is hugely beneficial in helping with a number of physical, mental and emotional issues. It is a huge help especially with any stress or anxiety based issues as relaxation is a key factor in each session.

What to expect during a session...

A typical reiki session is conducted with the client lying fully clothed on a plinth usually under blankets for extra comfort and warmth depending on the clients preferences. The room will be energetically cleared before the client arrives and will be set to induce a relaxed feeling using incense, candles and soft relaxing music. Before the session we will discuss the process, how the energy works, what you should expect and any questions that you may have. During the session we will ask you to simply relax as much as possible and set an intention for what you would like to achieve during the session. The therapist will then begin to systematically direct the energy to the clients aura and body through light, non invasive touch. The therapist may can also work in the aura meaning no physical touch is necessary. Most clients may fall asleep during their session and/or report falling into a state of deep relaxation.  The session will last for one hour and afterwards we will discuss the session, what you experienced, anything that arose during the session, any energy blocks that came to light and the next steps for you to release these for good if not already done so during the session. 

Types of sessions we offer

1:1 - This is a typical reiki session conducted with one Reiki Practitioner.

Double - This is conducted with both Starlit Therapies practitioners. The male and female energy helps to promote balance working on both the yin and yang energies. These sessions are typically about ten - fifteen minutes shorter as there is a double energy being facilitated.

Before your session...

Please ensure that you wear comfortable clothing to ensure you will be comfortable on the reiki bed.

For hygiene reasons we would ask that you wear socks or bring a pair to wear for the duration of the session.

We ask that you do not drink alcohol before your session and for 24 hours after your session to ensure that the energy can work to its maximum good in your system.

Please ensure you are on time and if for any reason you will be late please let us know as far in advance as possible.

If you have any questions or concerns in the lead up to your session day/time please feel free to contact us

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