Workshops, Courses & Training

List of current workshops and courses available to attend at Starlit Therapies. We provide Meditation and Mindfulness classes, One Day Workshops and Energy Therapy training.

  • Magnified Healing

    Magnified Healing is a 5th Dimensional healing energy. During this 2 day workshop you will learn to co-create this healing energy, heal on all levels and release all karma. This frequency of energy is an ascension tool, it helps to activate the 12 strands of DNA, the five higher bodies and then build the light body  Read More

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  • Reiki Level 1

    Reiki Level 1 is a 2 day workshop where you will learn the origins of the universal healing energy and the story of Mikao Usui its founder. We will open your energy channels to allow you to bring through the Reiki energy for self healing and healing of others. You will learn to feel the energy and aclimatise in a safe and nurturing enviorment with like minded people. Reiki is an amazing addition to anyones life path, whether already trained in other healing modalities or someone completely new to energy and just ready to take the first step on a new life journey.

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  • Atlantis Rising

    A magical evening of journeying and connection enhanced and amplified by the energy of the Full Moon.

    During this workshop you will
    identify and release any trauma or misqualified energies that we have held onto from the times of Atlantis. You will visit the amazing Healing Temples of Atlantis and experience the Healing Chambers and beds. You will reconnect with knowledge and wisdom that you hold from Atlantis and allow it to rise up once more to aid you in this lifetime

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  • Guided Meditation Classes

    We provide a range of weekly guided meditation classes. All of our guided meditations are uniquely channeled and written by Steph. She offers the classes both online and in person. There is something for everyone, from adult to teen, mothers, corporate and more. Personalised channeled meditations are coming soon, watch this space! Click view below to read more on each class and access some free online guided meditations.

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  • Martha Kelly - Reiki Teacher / Practitioner

    I recently did the magnified healing course and I have to say it was a completely amazing weekend it blew my mind. I've learned so much from Kelly and Stephanie, they are amazing teachers with amazing energy and knowledge to share

  • Sinead Mc Knight - Reiki Practitioner

    I just completed reiki level one with Stephanie and Kelly and was blown away by the whole weekend. Their energy is amazing and I feel I learned so much from them both. They are fantastic teachers. I would highly recommend

  • Abbey Fagan - Reiki Practitioner

    I ordered a pendant from starlit therapies & it was nothing short of amazing! I also did some of the meditations with Stephanie & it was so relaxing & amazing, both Stephanie & Kelly are amazing at what they do & everything that starlit therapies offers is just fabulous! couldn’t recommend any more!