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Magnified Healing

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Deposit is Fully Refundable as long as customer cancels within a week before course commences as materials will already be purchased. Alternatively the deposit can be used to book an Alternative Date.

Quan Yin Magnified Healing

Magnified Healing Training Course

Magnified Healing is a 5th Dimensional healing energy. During this 2 day workshop you will learn to co-create this healing energy, heal on all levels and release all karma. This frequency of energy is an ascension tool, it helps to activate the 12 strands of DNA, the five higher bodies and then build the light body. During the workshop you will:

~Learn about the Three Fold Flame
~The Higher Self and 5 Higher Bodies
~How to Clear your Light Channel
~Heal your Karma
~Learn to Co-Create the Magnified Healing Energy for healing of self, others and the Earth
~How to send Distant Healing
~Receive a full healing
~Relax during some guided meditations
~Receive an Initiation

Magnified Healing Altar

You will leave with:

~Complete Magnified Healing manual

~Certification as Master-Teacher of Magnified Healing Phase One

~A Gift from us to start you on your Magnified journey

Tea/coffee, snacks, refreshments are provided on both days.

Prerequisites: Anybody can take this course, we just ask that you come with a willingness to learn, an open mind and an open heart

There are only 8 places available, we advise booking early to avoid disappointment

Certification: Master-Teacher, after your self healing requirement after this course you are certified may then go on when you feel ready, to teach.

Deposit: €60

Balance on Course Completion: €200

Full Payment: €260