Key of Light Jewellery

Hand cut gemstones elegantly entwined in precious earth metals and infused with the Language of Light

The Story

A heart led process to create something unique, beautiful and energetically aligned with the soul that wears these jewellery pieces. Our story grew as did the idea that turned into a vocation to bring forward beautiful energy that you can wear everyday. Set your Soul on fire with one of our gorgeous pieces. Enjoy the story of Key of Light Jewellery.

The Spark

What started as a Husband creating a unique Mothers Day gift for his wife inspired an amazing new talent for wrapping gemstones and sparked a way to spread magic & light to all who wish to wear these beautiful creations. 

Knowing how much Steph loves her crystal jewellery, Kelly thought that creating a handmade pendant for her as a gift for Mothers Day would be a nice idea. He went looking online for a cabochon of her favourite stone, Larimar, and ordered it in, along with the silver he needed to wrap it. He began watching video tutorials on how to wire wrap jewellery so he was ready when the parts arrived. He found that as he began to practice, what looked quite difficult in the videos came quite natural to him.  Once he found his flow there was no stopping him. A new love was created and a new talent discovered. He made Steph the most beautiful necklace, Larimar wrapped with a heart on top. He even made the box for the pendant to be presented in. The most wonderful gift.

Pendant Jewellery Gift Box


He continued practicing and creating, honing his skills even more. While chatting one day on a road trip, an idea came to Steph, why not create these for people and infuse them with energy. Each design would be one of a kind, being handmade no two would ever be the same.

What a wonderful gift to share with the world, beautiful creations that would be intuitively created for each individual. Infused with the vibrations that will match their own and help them to enhance their lives. We then sat and brought through the process. How it would all happen for each creation. The materials were bought in. Kelly found a wonderful gemstone supplier who cuts and polishes the cabochons himself. From start to finish these creations are made by hand! Steph began intuitively working on a design for the logo and the name came forward 'Key of Light'.

Though there were other names that were looked at, Key of Light was the first and always the favourite. The meaning runs very deep and it fits the jewellery perfectly, each piece is a little key of light. The energy that it is infused with, the light codes, they are unique and will always find their way to whom they were meant for in order to unlock the part of them that they were meant to. Gemstones are very powerful, especially when worn on the body and with the infusion of light, these gemstones are really special. 


Our process begins with Kelly intuitively selecting each gemstone, intricately entwining in a continuous flow of silver, copper or bronze, while anchoring in the highest vibration of Light for the wearer. 

Stephanie then sits with each creation & with an open heart, channels in the Frequencies & Light Codes destined for the wearer, infusing each Pendant with the Language of Light. Reiki, Magnified Healing & Seichem energies are used complimentary to the Language of Light for a further energetic infusion. Following this, the Pendant is energized on a unique Light Language Symbol plate and placed inside an Amethyst Cave to seal the energy and complete our process. When you receive your pendant it will be physically vibrating with energy!

"Our intention for these pendants is that they will bring to you the Light keys needed to enhance your life, raise your vibration & bathe your being with Light"

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