Sacred Sites - The Heart of the Land Tour

Friday 2nd June 2023 | 10 am - 6 pm

A full day of journeying into the heart of the Emerald Isle. Join us as we unravel the mysteries of some of the most sacred sites of the world, learn about their history and connect deeply with the land and its magic. Accessing the ancient energetic portals at each site, we will facilitate the Star Nations as they bring through unique coding, to help us unlock our hidden potential.

It will be a day of intense energy, allowing the energies of above and below to flow through us, opening and anchoring the energetic portals that will bring forth the light for the following two day workshops. It shall be pure high vibrational bliss, only those who are meant to be there will feel the call to join us.

This tour will be kept small and intimate in order to facilitate a deep connection and allow each person the time they need to receive their own unique experience.

How will the day work

We will be accompanied by a professional tour guide who will provide us with all the factual and historical information about each site.

At each site we will hear the information from the guide and then we will sit in the energy together. Stephanie will lead a group meditation and allow any channeled transmissions to come through. The day will largely be guided by the energy in this regard.

You will then have time to yourself to connect with the site.

We will travel between each site on a coach driven by a professional driver. during the day of energy.

Itinerary change: We will now stop for lunch, you can choose if you will purchase a lunch or bring a packed lunch with you. We will not stop for dinner on the way back due logistics and inability to find a venue to cater for us that evening.

Sites we will visit:

Fourknocks Tomb - Here we will connect with the energies from Andromeda

Hill of Tara - Here we will connect with the energies from the Pleiades

Loughcrew Cairns - Here we will connect with the energies from Sirius



Tickets €85 + booking fee


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