Guided Meditations

'Find Your Inner Place of Peace'

Stephanie was drawn to guided meditations early in her adult life. After attending classes and courses she began to try her hand at creating them herself and found that she has an innate talent for guiding people on amazing journeys of self discovery and healing.

She channels and writes all her own meditations, using them to create deeply healing programmes and courses. Her passion is to help each individual to understand the power they hold in their own mind and to teach them the skills to harness that power to enhance their lives, whether that be privately or in business. 

She offers her meditations in a range of ways to suit most. Please see the list of options and choose.

  • Youtube

    Access our free Guided Meditations on YouTube.

    Starlit Therapies Youtube Channel 
  • Weekly Online Meditation Classes

    Bring Balance, Emotional Wellness & some Magic into your life! Deeply Healing Guided Meditations, channeled and written each week especially for these classes and the beautiful souls attending. There will be a recording available of each class for a week after so you can revisit the magic as many times as you would like.

    Classes starting soon in Sonairte, Laytown.

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  • Mommy Mindfulness

    A safe space for mamas to come and take an hour out for themselves one evening a week. Each week you will relax into a beautiful healing guided meditation, be totally immersed in relaxation while going on a wonderful healing journey. Plus Angel card guidance to finish!

    Coming soon in person to Bettystown/Mornington area

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  • Aura In App Meditation


    Transform your wellbeing, sleep, and life with the Apple award-winning app for emotional health.

    Stephanie hosts a number of guided mediation tracks ranging from 3 minutes to over an hour. Each track is tailored to address a specific need for the client. Grab your free 30 minute trial courtesy of Stephanie and Aura allowing you to access Professional Therapists instantly across the globe.

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  • Aura Personalised Coaching

    Personalised Coaching

    Stephanie offers a 60 minute distant healing session designed to clear any energy blocks, stresses, anxieties and help heal any deep sadness or other emotional wounds.

    Stephanie also offers energy healing and meditation sessions designed to discover where you are holding energy blockages. When we hold energetic blocks in our body and energy field then we can hinder ourselves from progressing on the life path that we truly desire.

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  • Clearmind @ Work Programme

    A programme specifically tailored for businesses, both after work hours and lunch classes are available. These are offered both online and live in office (subject to business location).

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