The Boyne Valley

The Heart of Irelands Ancient East.

The most potent energetic centre in Ireland, Boyne Valley is home to some of the most stunning and complex megalithic creations in Europe. Steeped in history, lore and pure magic, this area is very special indeed.

Discover Boyne Valley
  • Four Knocks

    A 10 minute drive from our venue.

    A 5,000 year old Neolithic passage tomb, decorated with inscriptions of the stars and more. A truly stunning site filled with ancient magic and wonderful energy.

    Read an interesting and in depth description of this fascinating place here.

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  • Newgrange

    A 15 minute drive from our venue.

    A megalithic passage tomb from circa 3,200 bc. One of the
    most famous passage tombs in the world. The huge structure is covered with sparkling white quartz and surrounded by decorated kerb stones and its estimated it would have taken a crew of 300 men approximately 20 years to build it. During the winter solstice the sunrises and lights up the 19 meter inner passage and the chamber in the centre, a truly stunning sight to witness. Scroll down and check out the video of the Solstice at the end of this page.

    The energy here is celebrated by people all over the world, it is a place of true wonder and magic.

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  • The Hill of Tara

    A 25 minute drive from our venue.

    The Hill of Tara is one of the most potent high
    energy centres of Ireland. A stunning area where the High Kings or Ireland were once crowned and then resided. Its palaces and halls of splendour are gone today but the amazing energy of the land is stronger than ever. The Earth work is truly beautiful with stunning sights to be seen, such as the Lia Fáil - the great coronation stone, known as the Destiny Stone and one of the four treasures of the God and Godesses or Ireland, the Tuatha Dé Danann. The Lia Fáil stands a top of the main monument, An Forradh. People come from all over the world to visit the Hill of Tara and many sacred rituals and ceremonies take place here. It is an area of extremely high energy and should be treated as so.

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  • Loughcrew

    One hour from our venue.

    A set of megalithic cairns from circa 4000bc. There are more than 30 chambered cairns of Loughcrew sitting over two hills, the largest and most accessible Cairn is located on Slieve na Callaigh (Hill of the Witch). Many have experienced deep healings in the surrounding passage Cairns. Like the Solstice at Newgrange, the Equinox brings a magical occurance at Loughcrew. The morning sunrise lights up the passageway into the centre of the main mound and lights up the beautifully decorated back stone. Scroll down and check out the video of the Equinox at the end of this page.

    This area is steeped in lore, an area of fairies and of the Goddess. Many have reported amazing spiritual occurances here.

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  • Knowth

    A 15 minute drive from our venue.

    A megalithic tomb located beside Newgrange. Thought to be built 5000 years ago, just after Newgrange and before their sister structure Dowth was created.

    Steeped in all the magic that Newgrange holds. It's main mound is surrounded by 124 kerbstones and the most beautiful stone art you will ever see. The language of the ancients is there for us all to see, we may not understand with our minds but our hearts know the meanings well.

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  • Dowth

    A 15 minute drive from our venue.

    Thought to have been built 5000 years ago, unfortunately it was excavated a few hundred years ago in bad fashion and left damaged. It is not on the official tour from Newgrange as Knowth is, but is accessible to the public. A beautiful site with wonderful energy, though the passages are not accessible a walk around the mound and this stunning land is not to be missed. The peace here is unrivalled, bring a blanket and sit among the magic in peaceful meditation and connection.

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  • Bettystown Beach

    A 5 minute drive from our venue.

    A beautiful beach steeped in history. Here the famous Tara Brooch was found in 1850 buried in the sand. The brooch is dated from 700AD and is one of Irelands most famous and beautiful artefacts. The beach stretches from the River Nanny at Laytown beach down to the mouth of the River Boyne at Mornington beach. Here, at Mornington, you will also find the beautiful and magestical structures The Maiden Tower and the Lady’s Finger, both are steeped in lore and history.

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  • Drogheda

    A 12 minute drive from our venue.

    The nearby town of Drogheda is full of history, visit this site for some tips on where to visit, from Sacred Abbeys and towers to Sir Oliver Plunketts head! which sits in St. Peters Church. Scotch Hall shopping centre is great for all your shopping needs and the Arc cinema if you want to have some downtime to catch the newest movie! Lots of restaurants and cafes can be found in Drogheda too.

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Winter Soltice at Newgrange

The Equinox at Loughcrew