Amethyst and Rainbow Moonstone Mothersday Silver Pendant

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Amethyst is the stone of transformation & inner power. Physically it promotes healthy cell regeneration, hormone balance & assists with headaches & migraines. It relieves insomnia bringing soothing restful sleep. Clears brain fog, reduces stress & anxiety. It can help purify the blood. Amethyst can help balance the emotions & greatly aides those dealing with grief, loss & any type of sadness. It helps to keep a level head & approach family/relationship dynamics with balance & calmness. A stone of inner peace.

Moonstone is a stone of inner growth & strength. Stabilises the emotions, providing calmness. It enhances intuition, promotes inspiration, success, good fortune in love & business matters. It enhances the intuitive side of the mind. Reveals feminine power & abilities of clairvoyance & gives rise to the kundalini energy. It is rich with psychic abilities & is a great connector to the chakras



Sterling Silver



Third Eye Crown


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Care Instructions

Your pendant is comprised of gemstones wrapped in precious metals such as silver or copper. To maintain the lustre of the metal avoid wearing it in the shower & store in a cool dry place. Avoid storing with other Jewellery to limit scratches. Use a polish such as Silvo and a soft cloth to clean, protect and maintain the metal. As gemstones can be used for healing, they work to remove unwanted energy from your body & aura. To keep your gemstone clear, run under cold water for a moment & set your