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Rainbow Fluorite Sterling Silver Pendant ( Yellow and Purple)

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Rainbow Fluorite (Yellow and Purple) wrapped in sterling silver. Handcrafted and made in Ireland.

Purple fluorite helps you deepen your spiritual practice and encourages recognition of spirit. It connects you with your Crown and 8th Soul Star Chakras, and raises psychic consciousness. Yellow fluorite helps you connect to your center self where your confidence and self-esteem reside. Yellow fluorite is known as the “sunshine stone” because it brings not only radiance, but happiness and abundance. Yellow fluorite is my big time prosperity stone. Purple and yellow fluorite together is for the Spiritual Entrepreneur, one who is connected to Source, and ready to receive abundant blessings from the Universe. Read more here


Sterling Silver




Crown Solar


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Care Instructions

Your pendant is comprised of gemstones wrapped in precious metals such as silver or copper. To maintain the lustre of the metal avoid wearing it in the shower & store in a cool dry place. Avoid storing with other Jewellery to limit scratches. Use a polish such as Silvo and a soft cloth to clean, protect and maintain the metal. As gemstones can be used for healing, they work to remove unwanted energy from your body & aura. To keep your gemstone clear, run under cold water for a moment & set your