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Midweek Mindfulness

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Bring Balance, Emotional Wellness & some Magic into your life! Deeply Healing Guided Meditations, channeled and written each week specifically for these classes and the beautiful souls attending.

You will unwind as you enter the sacred space with a beautiful cup of herbal tea, there will be a choice of 7 different blends, each one specifically blended to assist with balancing a Chakra.

You will choose an oracle card for guidance and then settle yourself in to get as comfy as possible. You will then begin your journey to peace and tranquility through the magic of guided meditation. Once in deep you will receive beams of healing energy to assist you releasing any tensions, stresses or worries. You will be guided back into the room with a grounding. You will have the opportunity for another cup of tea and an oracle card for guidance on the week ahead with a light discussion/chat for anyone who wishes to partake. You may then float home to bed!

Classes are every second Wednesday in Sonairte, Laytown

7.45pm - 9pm

Beginning June 5th 2024


Midweek Mindfulness

Midweek Mindfulness is a sacred space of connection, clearing and transformation.

Each meditation is unique and channeled for all who attend the classes. Each week we will work witth a different theme/topic as well as working and harnessing the energy of the moon cycles for extra magic.

The guided meditations that I channel are profoundly healing and to date they have always resonated deeply with each person attending the class. If you feel the call to attend, be ready to step into a flow of transformation and healing.

A great addition to your self care weekly rituals, allowing yourself the time to connect in for just over an hour. When we gift ourselves this time and connection, magical thigs begin to manifest in our lives. We are not here to slog and suffer through each day. Allowing yourself to step out of the rat race and into the magic of life is what it is all about!

When you enter the space you will be invited to set up your space and get comfortable. You will then choose your tea and oracle card and settle in to begin your journey to complete relaxation.

During these classes you will be guided on a healing journey while receiving beautiful distant healing energies that I send out to each of you during the meditation.

As always I will hold space at the end of class for anyone who would like to share or ask questions, this part is extra and totally optional, you are more than welcome to just sit back with a cuppa and enjoy the energy before you head home to bed!

Classes will take place every second Wednesday at 7.45pm until 9pm in The Yoga Room, Sonairte, Laytown.

I look forward to walking the amazing journey of transformation, healing and relaxation with you.

With Love,


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