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Mommy Mindfulness

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Mommy Mindfulness

Mommy Mindfulness was created from a calling to provide a sacred space for Mothers to come and rediscover the parts of them they they have pushed aside. To find their balance and flow in life as a woman. To heal from any trauma of pregnancy, birth, depression, hormone imbalances, loss, the list is endless.

Being a Mama is the best and most rewarding job in the word but it can also be hard. We have been taught in our society that as women and more specifically, as mothers, that we just have to bare the weight of the world and get on with it. This mindset is not good enough anymore. It is outdated and unbelievably damaging. Any traumatic experiences from birth to parenting, whether mental, physical or emotional, are often played down, once the babies are healthy and happy then we should count ourselves lucky right? Again, not good enough. That is the minimum that we should expect of our experiences, parents and their wellbeing matter greatly too. There is a revolution taking place where we as mothers, birthing people and women are taking back our right to be seen, heard and above all, to be honoured.

During these classes, we will explore all of these aspects of ourselves that we push down or keep hidden,

We will go on deeply healing guided meditations to allow all those parts of us that we have forgotten to rise again.

We will learn to take back our Divine Feminine power and to harness and use it with the Grace, Humility and Honour in which it was entrusted to us.

We will learn to bring balance back, to be the nurturing loving Mother and partner while honouring the women/people that we are, honouring the needs that we have and honouring our hearts desires.

This class is open to all who identify as a mother in any way, maybe you are at grandmother stage, maybe you've never given birth, maybe you are at pregnancy stage, adoption, fostering, perhaps you are a mother through loss, a mother of one or a mother of ten, there are no rules, all Mama's are very welcome.

The main element of the classes will run for an hour, the guided meditation and oracle/angel card reading. As always I will hold space at the beginning and the end of class for any chats or discussions, even if its just a vent about your week, we hold confidential and sacred space for you. It can be a great time and space for connection and solidarity plus information and support.

Classes will run in four week blocks, every Wednesday at 10.15am, for anyone wanting to avail of the chats in the beginning I will open the space from 10am, we begin the meditation at 10.15 and again, as always for anyone who wishes to hang around we wll hold space then also for sharing/discussion/chats/cuppa tea!

The meditation part of the morning will be recorded each week and sent to you, if you miss a morning you will have the meditation in your inbox to catch up in your own sacred time. Or if you just want to listen to it a few more times and really reap the benefits then it is there for you to enjoy as much as you like!

I really look forward to having you there as we walk this healing journey together back to our Divine Feminie Power and Balance.

With Love,


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