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Clearmind is a programme based around stress reduction, anxiety and mind clutter. We aim to help reduce the stresses of the workplace by providing the tools to help you keep a clear mind and stay present with the task at hand. Stephanie has the experience of working in a range of industries such as retail, busy salons and in an office in a high Finance role for most of her adult life. She understands the pressures of corporate world and especially the stress and responsibility that come with managing a team. Kelly has the experience of the heavy pressures that come hand in hand with office work also, he comes from a very successful career as an Applications Engineer for one of the biggest multinational, multibillion semiconductor manufacturing companies in the world. Together with our experience from these fields and our studies in mindfulness and energy therapies we are confident we can provide the tools, through our Clearmind programme, to help relieve the pressure and stresses that create barriers around the mind and the creative efficient flow of the workplace.   It is proven that introducing a mindfulness based programme in the workplace can increase productivity hugely and promote a happier, calmer and more balanced work environment. Clearmind can be presented in a range of formats that will suit your business, our basic formats are listed below but we are happy to tailor any package to align perfectly with your business needs.

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1. Online

The Clearmind programme can be facilitated online to accommodate any work structures that you business is comprised of. We can hold online sessions with groups logging in together from the workspace or for individuals logging on from home or any other locations, ensuring any employees that need to travel do not miss out! Contact us to chat about how we  can structure the online programme to suit your needs.

2. At Lunch

Our mini programme can be delivered via weekly lunchtime mindfulness sessions. We understand lunch hour is precious so we aim to make the most of this time for all individuals present.

3. After Hours

Our in depth programme, choose an evening a week where we will come and hold Clearmind classes for anyone who can invest 90 minutes in their wellbeing. We promise this will become the most anticipated day of the working week and will ensure that everyone taking part becomes brighter, more productive and genuinely happier in the workplace.

4. One to One

For any individuals who feel that a private one to one session would be more beneficial we bring together the foundations of Clearmind and pair it with energy therapy to create the ultimate stress relief for anyone in any type of work setting. Recommended for individuals with very high levels of stress or anxiety. A wonderful and authentic addition to any Wellness initiative in the workplace.

5. Managers Mindfulness

Clearmind on steroids! As someone who understands the pressures of managing a team, management mental health is something she is very passionate about. This programme will bring the support and balance to each member of management, allowing them to become more aligned with less stress and clutter in the mind. Happy manager, happy team!

Contact us to discuss tailoring a service that will best suit your business and employee needs.

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