Kelly Kaneswaran

Healing has always been in Kelly's family. His Aunt provided holistic healing services to clients for over 40 years in Manchester, training over a thousand Reiki practitioners. She trained several of his family members including his sister Hazel who established a training school called Halo Therapies, in Dublin in 2012. It is here where he started and over the next 3 years continued to study the various levels of Reiki, eventually working his way up to level three ( Master / Teacher) in 2015. Kelly furthered his spiritual development in 2017 by attaining both Advanced Level Integrated Energy Therapy (I.E.T), and Masters Level in Seichem.

Stephanie Kaneswaran

Stephanie began her spiritual journey in 2012 at Angel Inspirations, Sandymount, where she attended courses in Meditation and "Healing with the Angels". She began her Reiki journey with Halo Therapies in 2012, where she met Kelly, also completing her Reiki Level 3 ( Master / Teacher). She continued to develop her spiritual knowledge by completing I.E.T training in early 2014 followed by Seichem and Magnified Healing in 2015 / 2016. She has also attained Masters Level Tera-Mai and Kundalini Reiki. She has always had an affinity with the Etheric realms and regularly calls on many beings of light during sessions. She began working with the Language of Light in 2014 and is honoured to have this amazing technique as part of her therapy "tool kit".
Stephanie has developed her connection to channel her own healing guided meditations, each one unique and brought through with so much love and the highest healing intentions.

Stephanie & Kelly Kaneswaran - Reiki Masters

All the healing modalities provided by the duo work in Synergy with each other, the elements of Earth (Reiki), Fire, Air, Water (Seichem) and Spirit (I.E.T), help to combat many different types of ailments and illnesses, relieve stress and anxiety and promote inner balance and peace to the mind, body and soul.

They are so grateful to be part of the wonderful healing and life changes that take place for many who are beginning and developing their own journeys.


"A healer does not heal you. A healer triggers within you, your own ability to heal yourself"