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Angelite and Labradorite wrapped in Silver

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Angelite is a stone of healing & spiritual connection. A powerful stone for healers due to its ability to deepen connection & heighten perceptions. It provides protection & helps you speak your truth. It removes fear, anger & anxiety bringing peace & tranquility. It brings forgiveness & compassion. Helps to transmute pain & disorder into healing. Physically it supports the thyroid, can help headaches & balance fluid in the body. It raises consciousness. Can assist you to connect with Angels & Guides. It enhances psychic healing & communication & spirit journeys. It helps you to connect with your Higher Self.

Labradorite shields the aura & protects against negativity. It is helpful for people who overwork. It banishes fears & insecurities, strengthens faith in self & universe. Relieves anxiety & stress. Balances hormones & relieves menstrual tension. Good for the respiratory system. Can help restore energy after a drain. A very spiritual stone. It stimulates the throat chakra & has deep shamanic links. It enhances strength of will & inner worth. Labradorite is thought to awaken intuition, psychic abilities & holds the power of the Universe. Blue & purple flashes are particularly powerful for the Third Eye. It opens your eyes to the magic around you. A stone of mysticism, transformation & courage




Angelite Labradorite


Throat and Third Eye


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Care Instructions

Your pendant is comprised of gemstones wrapped in precious metals such as silver or copper. To maintain the lustre of the metal avoid wearing it in the shower & store in a cool dry place. Avoid storing with other Jewellery to limit scratches. Use a polish such as Silvo and a soft cloth to clean, protect and maintain the metal. As gemstones can be used for healing, they work to remove unwanted energy from your body & aura. To keep your gemstone clear, run under cold water for a moment & set your