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Key of Light Order Deposit - Order an Intuitively Designed Key of Light

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Gemstones are very powerful aids to unlocking spiritual potential and releasing old traumas. When wrapped in precious metals, energy can be amplified and directed. Each Piece of Jewellery comprises of one of more Gemstones, elegantly wrapped in such a way that the right amount of energy is directed to the associated Chakra, in order to release trapped traumas or upgrade its energetic signature.

Each piece of jewellery is known as a Key of Light as they are infused with high vibrational Light Language Energy, Known as Light Codes. They are inherently unique, encoded to each individual, helping to unlock the hidden energies that were buried long ago. They will always find a home with their destined Soul, and assist in creating the highest vibrational version of the individual that wears them.

Available to purchase straight from our shop, a pre-made piece may call to you or you may be called to have one personally created, for you or a loved one.





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