Judy Satori Ireland 2023

Are You Called to Come to the Land of Tara?

Judy’s Story

The word Tara in both Sanskrit and Gaelic means ‘star’. You may be aware that the hotel chosen for my teaching events in Ireland is located in County Meath, very close to the Hill of Tara, the sacred site where the ancient Kings of Ireland were crowned. It seems to me that there is important symbolism here connected to Tara, (star, or the stars) that is very much about all of us rising up and becoming strong, as the ancient Kings of Ireland being crowned in this place were also empowered to be strong, resilient and true to their leadership responsibilities. In Buddhist teachings the Goddess Tara is a bodhisattva, the mother Goddess of the Earth. She is a being of deep compassion. Tara reminds us that although our origin is as Star Beings, we have been forced by many lifetimes of karmic, human experience to explore the range of human conditions and emotions and so EVOLVE. READ MORE... Many souls in human bodies are now being called to ‘remember’ their true star-born heritage and have their authentic star-born wisdom reawakened and activated to come forth.
This is the focus of the event ‘Calling All Star Seeds’ that I will be teaching on Sunday 4 June. The energy work of Saturday 3 June is very important preparation for the Sunday, although you may also attend for only one weekend day if you wish.

This year I am also introducing a one-day Sacred Circle Masterclass. I have been asked to do this by Spirit. It is new for me. I feel to restrict class numbers to 33, which is Christ Consciousness vibration to ensure that everyone attending is heard and that I can contribute to everyone’s soul and human journey and to support everyone attending to really step up and shine with a new Light in their work and in their life. In the perfect way. I may admit more people into future masterclasses. I will be working directly with beings from ‘Beyond the Beyond’, from the 22 galaxies that are arranged in a multi-galactic ‘Diamond’ in the cosmos. It is the stronger energy emanating from the heart-centre of the ‘Diamond’ that we are all feeling now as we are being opened into more of our truth and authentic knowing. During Sunday’s event I will be exploring the TARA connection with Mu, Lemuria, but going way beyond this to access all 144-dimensional realities of the multi-dimensional ‘Diamond’ and transmitting many light codes of awakening and activating our New Human highest potential.

Read Chapter One of Judy’s book ‘Sunshine Before the Dawn. This is the story of why and how the human being was created to seed the Earth and how the Galactic Council of our Milky Way Galaxy began in the times a Zep Tepi , 100,000 years ago a divine plan that is now being upgraded and advanced. Sunshine Before the Dawn is the story of the Siriun woman Essayenya and her great love through all time, the Lyran Mosteenya, the leader of the Galactic Council. You might find that you are a character in this story yourself!

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Sunshine Before The Dawn


About Judy & The Workshops

Judy Satori is an internationally recognized spiritual teacher, multi-dimensional channel, sound healer and Ascension way-shower from New Zealand. This is her first European teaching event post pandemic. She last visited Dublin in 2019.

Judy’s sessions are transmitted from beyond Earth, She works together with the spiritual hierarchy to help people be their very best selves and to activate soul gifts and abilities.  She verbally transmits energy words of ‘New Creation’, divinely designed to expand human capacity beyond what we know right now on Earth.  Her work, with a new spectrum of Ascension upgrade energy called ‘Ultralight’, creates permanent alchemical change at the level of cells and the DNA template, positively transforming people physically and emotionally and opening them to their gifts of Spirit.
Judy’s work is housed in an online Ascension Library. She offers hundreds of audio and video programs to members to help people transform their lives for the better and express their unique potential. It is also possible to access programs as a one off online purchases.  
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Judy Satori is coming to Ireland to spiritually support and energetically activate and mentor those people who are ready to step up in service to humanity and to the planet. Wherever you at in your life right now, Judy’s energy work with Spirit will get you to the next level. Her personal philosophy is to create a life of beauty, love, joy and light, which IS ENLIGHTENMENT, and to assist others to do the same.

The event details are as follows, please click each link to read a more in depth schedule of the days in order to feel into where you are called.


Tuesday 30th May 2023

Thriving in Today’s World: Judy Satori and Anabell Ariah

Venue: City North Hotel



Thursday June 1st 2023

Sacred Circle Mentoring Day with Judy Satori

An Intensive Masterclass for Activation and Advancement

Venue: Glebe House, Dowth




Friday 2nd June 2023

Sacred Sites Tour with Stephanie




Saturday 3rd June 2023

Ascension and YOU: Becoming a more Evolved Human

Surfing The Waves of Change

Venue: Glebe House, Dowth




Sunday 4th of June 2023

Calling All Starseeds: Activating Your Soul's Destiny Plan

Venue: Glebe House, Dowth




Tickets will go on sale on April 1st 2023. 

Parking is free at both venues.

Ticket numbers are limited, especially for the Mentoring day on Thursday and the Sacred Sites tour on Friday. Please book early to avoid disappointment. Visit the links below for area, venue and transport information.

  • Venue & How to Get There

    Glebe House, Dowth

    Co. Meath, A92 PY64

    See Details 
  • Venue & How to Get There

    City North Hotel, Gormanston,

    Co. Meath, K32 W562

    See Details 
  • Accommodation

    The D Hotel, Drogheda

    A92 HF5F

    We have a discounted rate and block booking reservation for this stunning hotel on the banks of the river Boyne.

    See Details 
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    In the Area

    The location for Judy's events is in the heart of Ireland's Ancient East. Steeped in history, amazing energy centres and utter magic. We have listed someof these amazing spots for anyone wishing to venture out to explore the magic!

    Explore the Magic 
  • Visit Judy's Ascension Library

    A truely amazing space that Judy has created to assist us all in advancing through this lifetime. There are beautiful transmissions to assist with all areas of your life and spiritual advancement.

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  • Judy Satori

    Judy's Story

    Hear more about Judy's amazing story of her journey in this lifetime. From working against the grain in PR to stepping into her true purpose as a beacon of light, channelling the energies of the Universe to assist us all here in Earth!

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  • Sunshine Before the Dawn

    Read more about Judy's amazing book, encoded with high vibrational energy to help you remember the Starseed story.

    The book is available in digital format and hard copy.

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