Sacred Circle Mentoring Day

 An Intensive Masterclass for Activation and Advancement

With Judy Satori

Thursday 1st June 2023 | 11 am - 8 pm
The Sacred Circle mentoring day is an opportunity for you to interact with Judy in a casual, informal way in an intensive, immersive Masterclass. Judy will be creating the program on the day, especially for those participating and focusing on you and your needs. This session is for Judy and Spirit to ‘teach the teachers’ and for Judy to pass on her 25 years of healing, channeling and spiritual experience and knowledge, so that those of you who are teachers and healers yourself might be energetically empowered to step out further in your own work and in your own ‘big picture’ purpose. All are welcome.


You are requested to bring a journal to take personal notes. Judy will be transmitting information from Spirit and energy as required and as channeled in the moment. You can record sessions that apply to you as audio only. If you wish to sit, or lie on the floor, please bring a pillow and blanket.


Questions and interaction will be welcomed. Judy will work energetically with individuals as guided, but in the group setting.


Confidentiality protocols will be in place and the room will be energized as a sacred space – a safe energy container for information to come forth and for everyone attending to be rapidly advanced in their capacity and ability.


Morning tea/coffee and a late afternoon tea will be provided. Please arrive by 10.45 am.
This class is open to anyone who wishes to attend, but will be limited to 33 participants.


Tickets €333 + booking fee
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